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How To Make A Homemade Anti-cellulite Cream

If you’re on a diet to lose weight you will probably want to have firmly in your skin without cellulite. Anti-cellulite creams can be great allies to enhance your aesthetic and if you want to spend little money nothing better than to have on hand a number of homemade slimming cream recipes. Keep reading and I’ll show you how to make a homemade anti-cellulite cream.

how to make homemade anti-cellulite cream

Learn how to make a homemade cellulite cream with little money and very effective, with which you can realize yourself massage to reduce cellulite. Here I will give some examples.

Anti-cellulite cream recipe of avocado and rosemary

Rosemary oil
Avocado Seed
Water, 2 Tbsp.

Mash avocado seeds.
Add two teaspoons of water and rosemary oil until a paste consistency.

Method of application:
massage your affected area in a circular cellulite in direction clockwise.

Rosemary oil stimulates circulation and natural components of avocados help prevent cellulite.
Slimming cream recipe sage and eucalyptus

Salvia, 2 handfuls
Eucalyptus, 2 handfuls
Olive oil, ½ liter
Lemon juice, 1 tbsp

Mix all ingredients and let stand for 10 days.
Strain them.

How to use:
After a warm bath, apply on the affected area with circular movements in the direction of clockwise.
These slimming creams homemade recipes will help you supplement your diet and your physical activity , this way you can get fast and lasting results.

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