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What is and how to avoid the rebound effect after a diet

Is there a rebound effect after diets? How do you avoid it?

Surely you have dieted and you got to lose weight, just what you wanted!. And then … came the rebound effect, but what is the rebound effect?, what about the rebound effect after a diet? In this post you will find an answer to these questions.

diet rebound effect

The rebound effect is responsible for you to recover in part or totally, did you lose the kilos and is exactly what you have to try to avoid, once, finished a diet. Oddly enough weight loss is easier to keep on the weight you managed to get. Why? Easy on the rebound . So the big question would be how do you avoid it? , here are some tips:

  • First and foremost , when you make a diet please aim, besides lowering kilos, learning to eat. If you achieve this you will have a large percentage insured to avoid the rebound effect.
  • You can not live on a diet every day of your life, so it is important to “learn” to eat.
  • Avoid overly restrictive diets, diets that provide very low calorie, all they do is you lose a lot of liquid, and then eventually muscle fiber, your body will try to recover quickly. Remember that a woman should consume 1500-2000 calories and a man between 1800-2500 calories (depending on the activity carried out).
  • Make exercise . Do not do physical activity to lose weight only once did it lose those extra pounds, still practicing, this will not only help you to continue keeping you in weight, but will help keep your body healthy.
  • Give yourself a day off to eat what you want (obviously caring portions). If you deprive yourself of everything and all the time, eventually you’ll get tired. Food gives us pleasure, that thou forsake not, because if you do, you will have the opposite effect.
  • Incorporates the habit of eating small portions and not repeat.
  • No Saltees meals. Do six meals a day.
  • Bring something you always serve you emergency kit , not tempt and go out and buy the first thing you find.
  • Take plenty of fluids, take along a bottle of water always mineral, besides being very healthy and detoxing, will help its high satiety value.

In short , the key is to take it as “habits” those tips you learned when you were on a diet, incorporate them into your daily routine, do not let them only on paper. This will not only avoid the rebound effect , but also be a change for your quality of life.

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